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Welcome To CBS Cleaning Business Consultants

CBS Cleaning Business Consulting

Over 40 years of cleaning industry experience

What we do
  • Consult on all aspects of your cleaning business
  • Provide one on one mentoring
  • Provide training
    • Quoting, marketing, sales, quality management, operations, administration, client retention
  • Provide Quality Management Software
  • Provide Marketing and Strategy advice

What can a Cleaning Business Consultant do for your business?

Often we learn by mistakes and most times even little mistakes can cost a lot and especially in a cleaning business.

BUT, a cleaning business consultant can short cut your learning curve and give you help, advice and support dedicated to the growth and profitability of your cleaning business.

With experienced advice,  a structured management plan and locked in time frames, your business can thrive and grow. It just takes the right advice, the right plan and your energy input!

So you won’t find your self a reactive business always on the back foot always loosing clients and throwing money away trying to solve problems that should not have been there in the first place

CBS Cleaning Business Consultants provide advice, training and mentoring in all key areas that can directly effect your cleaning business and help you avoid those hair pulling days.

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